Landscaping is an art ofbringing natural and cultural elements from various characters within the environment together and setting in an esthetical and functional way. As it is understood from this, landscaping is not only setting plants but also establishing a place for the watering systems to maintain the continuity of plants, provide illumination and firm soil settings to achieve visuality and functionality as well, by planning all these at once. In fact, the word landscaping is a term meaning ‘scene’ or rather ‘country scene’, which is a picturing and photographing art in French. As its application field expands in time starting from a garden to setting very huge piece of lands that includes very big and many gardens, living areas, coppice forests, rural areas, reaching up to city planning branch.

From the first day it is established, MEPS LTD, meets the needs of every garden and field from all sizes, by setting up small gardens, landscaping of big developments and submitting landscaping projects to city halls.


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