MEPS Ltd, is one of the most experienced firms of our island that gives continuous landscaping and development services since May 2006.
Our service webs are divided into two main areas for developments, villas and offices, apartments, hotels and government agencies:
 1. Development – Villa care, cleanup, management services.
 2. Landscaping and Watering systems.  

Since the first day it was established, MEPS Ltd, made a difference with its experienced and well educated staff.  Our landscaping department consists of landscape architects, agricultural engineers, watering experts, qualified gardeners and garden care personnels; the management staff of our development villa care and organization unit consists of managers who are leading experts in their own field and speak fluent English; and our care teams consist of personnels who have full knowledge of the machines and equipments they use.
All of our garden and development care teams are uniformed. All our care services are performed with modern machines.

 Our Vision:
 1. Customer Satisfaction
 2. Timeliness
 3. Keeping promises
 4. Full discipline within professional working regulations.
 5. High quality products, high quality business.
 6. Technical support after servicing .
Our Mission: 
 To be a leading company in the field of development care and landscaping of the island.

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