As time goes by, our living spaces has changed into collective living spaces from individual houses. Collective settlement has introduced the concept of common field. The questions such as who should clean the walkways, who is responsible from pool maintainance and who will mow the grass has begun to engage development dwellers.

MEPS LTD, with the mission of being the most professional development and real estate management firm of the island, offers rapid, effective and affordable answers to all of these questions.

The professional development management not only offers you only a clean and secure living place but also finds immediate solutions to many possible issues such as the development dwellers who cannot get along well with each other, wating Money without planning, servicing that’s not operative within the development and far from discipline, uncontrollable outcomes, the peace stolen from the social life and economical losses.

In fact, when all these problems are handled professionally, all the points needed in a development will be managed truly and the development dwellers will have a chance to take a significant time off for their families, social and business lives.

The services which need a Professional development management can be summarized as managerial, technical and substructural building management.

The services that the developments need and must oursource like clean up, supervision and controlling, disinfection, indoor & outdoor garden and plant care, invoice payment, insurance of common areas are handled professionally and punctiliously by MEPS Ltd.  

Getting the expertised development management service from MEPS Ltd, allows all these problems to be solved and managed centrally and provides higher life qualities to the development dwellers.